Opening hours and entrance fees

The Craft Centre and Organic Gardens Complex at Botanicus will start the new season from Saturday 29th April 2023.

 Opening hours 

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 am – 3 pm
Saturday - Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
In July and August / Tuesday - Sunday /  10 am – 5 pm


Entrance fees  
Adults  150 CZK
Children, students, pensioners 90 CZK
Children, students / school groups / 80 CZK
Nursery groups 60 CZK
Family ticket / 2 adults and 2 children / 440 CZK

Handicapped persons and children under 3 years of age

Craft´s fees      
Archery 3 Groschs Pottery 3-5 Groschs
Wood carving 3 Groschs Paper making 3 Groschs
Gold panning  3 Groschs Rope works 3 Groschs
Candle making 3 Groschs Soap making 5 Groschs
Mint 3 Groschs Stone polishing 4-5 Groschs
Puppet´s workroom 4 Groschs Wire works 3-5 Groschs
Basketry 4 Groschs Leathercraft 5-7 Groschs
Printing press 3 Groschs Gingerbreads 3 Groschs


Basic refreshment offer  
Soup (daily offer) 3 Groschs
Chicken fillet with roasted potatoes 15 Groschs
Couscous with vegetables / with chicken 7 / 15 Groschs
Pancakes sweet or salty 6 Groschs
Sweet or salty pastry 2 Groschs
Gluten-free pastry 3 Groschs
Roasted potatoes 3 Groschs
Cabbage salad 3 Groschs

More informations and complete daily offer you can find in our Great Guild Hall. At weekends and bank holidays, the offer of refreshments is expanded.

The only acceptable currency in the whole site is a Grosch, which you can exchange at the entrance to the Craft Centre.

Exchange rate: 1 Grosch = 10 CZK.

At the cash desk of the Craft Center it is possible to pay by credit card and Botanicus vouchers.


Saturday performances

During our Saturday performances you can see juggling, theatre and music performances. On these days we also have additional skilled, traditional craftsmen such as a blacksmith or woodcarver. All the crafts you can try for yourself and also learn more about their history. In our Great Guild Hall you can enjoy meals prepared with ingredients from our organic gardens.

Botanicus shop in Ostra will be opened from the 29th April 2023.


Monday                  CLOSED                                                             

Tue - Fri                 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                              Sat - Sun                10:00 am - 5:00 pm