Gardens - Sea buckthorn production

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) grows on 2 ha of land. This deciduous spiny shrub originally from Russia is very strong, unpretentious, it tolerates salination and grows in varied climatic conditions. The word hippophae is originally Greek and means “glittering horse.” It is because animals would graze in areas where sea buckthorn grew, thrived very well and their coats have a glossy appearance. Seabuckthorn is a dioecious and therefore is necesary  to have at least one male and several female plants to obtain the fruits. It is an important tree species, which is capable of binding the nitrogen in the roots to enrich the soil. It is one of a few plants where all its parts can be used, namely a root, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, and wood. The wood is used for making poles, handles, billiard balls. From the young offshoots and leaves isgained black pigment. Its fruits are rich in vitamins C, A and P, amino acids, pectins, tannins and minerals. The fruits are used for production of juices, jams, liqueurs and wines. From the seedswe obtain quality oil, which is an important part of pharmaceutical products. The fruit ripens in early autumn, but the bushes will last long into winter. The fruitis soft and not too easy to collect from thorn bushes; it is much easier to collect them in the cold.