Why are Botanicus products special?
Botanicus is a magical blend of the organic, the traditional, modern technology and scientific principles and an abiding inspiration from the world of plants. But Botanicus is also the people: the gardeners, the technicians, the cooks, the scientists and the cosmetic experts. Botanicus is a brilliant team.

What is the difference between the brand Botanicus and Hortus botanicus & apothicus?
Botanicus is in other words “everything of vegetative origin”. The combination of the words Hortus botanicus can express the significance of the gardens because HORTUS BOTANICUS in Latin means botanical garden. By adding apothicus we complete the entire “circle” of our company. From the French “apothicairerie” or monastic pharmacy, we can describe our business as “Hortus botanicus & apothicus”, which represents botanical and herbal gardens and herbal and natural products that originate in the gardens.

Do you import or grow raw material used in the production?
Raw material which can be grown in our climate comes from the BIO gardens. This material can be further processed for the production of extracts, elixirs, macerates or leaches. You can find exotic material in our products as well, they are mainly vegetative and essential oils. We try to choose the best quality when importing this material and to observe the principles of fair-trade when purchasing the products www.fairtrade.cz

Are the Craft Centre and the gardens part of your company?
Yes, definitely. They are an integral part of our company. The two activities complement each other and provide products for our major activity, which is the production of cosmetics.

Who are your customers?
Cosmetics are, of course, mainly for women. In our case for women aged 25 to 50. However, there are other age groups among our customers. Our products are often bought as a gift, therefore men also shop in our store.
What type of visitors come to the Craft Centre and the gardens?
Our most frequent visitors are families with children. We create a programme and Saturday events for this target group. Another welcome group of visitors are senior citizens. They take a great interest into the gardens. We work closely with schools and therefore another significant group is school children. Would you like to come? We would be happy to welcome you, just contact us.

Is Botanicus a Czech company?
The company was founded as a Czech company with foreign capital input. Since 2005, the company is exclusively Czech owned.

Are any of your products BIO?
Our BIO products can be divided into two basic groups. First, there are products which contain raw material grown in our gardens – fresh herbs, extracts, elixirs and dried material. This material is further used for the production of BIO food such as jam, chutney, syrup, honey, etc. All our cosmetic products contain some raw material in BIO quality.