Gardens - Orchard

The orchard is situated next to the Sea buckthorn production area and is almost 2 ha large. Half of the trees are old varieties of apple (Malus x domestica Bork.), the rest are pear trees (Pyrus communis L.), sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.), cherry (Prunus avium L.) and plum trees (Prunus domestica L.). There many old varieties and some relatively new such as ‘Rubinola’ which bears in the autumn, is resistant to scab and powdery mildew and has juicy, bright red apples. Another variety is ‘Topaz’, which is also resistant to the above-mentioned diseases, bears in the early autumn and the apples are orange-red with a creamy and juicy flesh.

Among the old varieties that we grow are apple variety ‘Jadernička Moravian’, especially prevalent in the Carpathian region of Moravia. Fruits are conical to ovoid shaped, yellow-green and ripe in the middle of October. Another interesting old variety is ‘Malvazinka’, with pink to dark red fruits, whose flesh is pale yellow and very tasty. It is tolerant to plum pox. The variety ‘Matčino’ ‘is an old American autumn apple tree with red berries to golden yellow fruits with a very pleasant smell. It bears in the autumn. A very old variety grown in the 16th century is the ‘Nun’, sometimes called ‘Iron apple’. It has purplish red apples with dots and a sweet, slightly spicy flavor.